Repugnance and Tattling

I was struck by two stories today:  A priest with porn and a survivor tackling tattling

The first shows the true fallacy that is the John Jay Report. Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese officials knew they had a priest in possession of tons of child abuse images (child porn) when an IT specialist found the images and told the diocese in December 2010.  Diocese officials made a copy of the photos (???) and then kept quiet for 6 months.  Now, they say they are “deeply saddened.”  I think they are just sad they got busted.

The second was Joelle Casteix’s post today about how we inadvertently train our children to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing.  I can’t help but think that it was the Catholic Church who first told people that tattling was wrong.



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3 responses to “Repugnance and Tattling

  1. In Catholic Elementary School in the 50s, the worst mortal sin in the universe was SCANDAL ( read being a tattletale). If you said anything BAD about a priest, nun, or the church, you created SCANDAL and, of course would burn in Hell, plus your crime was worse than the origional crime/sin.

  2. The Catholic church has now become one of the most evil institutions on the planet.

  3. Ah yes! Tattling = scandal in the Catholic church. It creates a great deal of silence and fear. If you are trained enough to know better than to create scandal, you surely won’t tattle, even if you are hurt.

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