My upcoming talk at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

If you find yourself in Madison, please join me at the UW Madison Global Legal Studies Center on Thursday, February 28. Click on the link for more details.

Patrick J. Wall at the University of Wisconsin, Madison


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One response to “My upcoming talk at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

  1. Hi Patrick. I watched your interview on ABC lateline Australia recently. I thought it was a very good interview until the ending when you described priests’ adult sexual liaisons as being with boyfriends or girlfriends. Such a description shows no acknowledgement of the power imbalance within the Catholic Church between bishops and their priests, priests and seminarians and novices and postulants, and priests and females in the church, parishioners or otherwise. Only two priests having a sexual relationship with each other or two bishops having sexual relationships with each other would lack this power imbalance. All other liaisons come about through power imbalance and thus contain abusive and exploitative elements if not entirely. I have experienced such a situation and am currently dealing with its consequences both at the personal and ecclesial level. I was dismayed when you made this comment because it reinforces the false clerical view that all priest’s liaisons with adults are simply “between two adults” and thus neither abusive nor exploitative. This is a prevalent ecclesial attitude that needs to be corrected. There is plenty of psychological literature available that supports the understanding of the wounding that occurs from power imbalance abuse and exploitation. I would like to see you clarify what you said to Lateline in some sort way to assist people like myself from this misconceived view. Thank you Patrick. Jennifer Herrick. NSW Australia.

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